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Concert Details  

GILBERT & SULLIVAN, AND FRIENDS:  Gems from the Savoy Operas

Saturday, June 13, 2020 @7:30 pm

Fulford Hall, Salt Spring Island


“Gilbert & Sullivan, and friends – Gems from the Savoy Operas” will present selections from the repertoire of the Savoy Operas.  The programme will include well-known Gilbert & Sullivan favourites (such as selections from The Yeoman of the Guard, which critics consider to be Sullivan’s finest work); not so well known works by the couple (such as the rarely heard The Grand Duke); and selections from other composers active at the Savoy Theatre.  We will perform rarely heard now, but immensely popular at the time, curtain raisers which have just now been re-discovered and edited in scholarly editions (such as Captain Billy by Harry Greenbank and Francois Cellier, and Mr. Jericho by Greenbank and Ernest Ford).  Our Salt Spring performance of these curtain raisers may possibly be the first performances in Canada of these newly discovered pieces.  We expect this unique programme to both challenge and enlighten our audience, who will find themselves immersed in a delightful evening at the Savoy Theatre in the 1890’s.

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