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Are you a musician new to Salt Spring with a love of classical music?  Maybe you are a retired professional musician who doesn't want to lose their chops?  Perhaps you are thinking about moving to the Gulf Islands?  Salt Spring is the only Gulf Island with a chamber orchestra and choir!  Bach on the Rock has been an integral part of Salt Spring’s musical landscape since 2004, and we are always looking for prospective new members.  If you are a strong singer or instrumentalist we would love to hear from you.  


Rehearsals take place on Sunday afternoons in Ganges. The group is active from September to June, taking a summer break during July and August.  We typically perform four concerts a year.


If you would like to join us as a vocalist or instrumentalist please send us an email via our contact form.  Provide us with your contact information, your voice type or instrument, and a brief background of your experience.  We are particularly in need of more string players.  If you would like to come to a rehearsal and listen to the group, get a feel of the caliber of music, and meet the musicians and our Artistic Director, let us know and that can be arranged.  Or attend one of our concerts and come and introduce yourself!  Hope to hear from you soon!

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